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Support Services

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Welfare Staff
The Association employes Welfare staff who provide support of individuals and families through information, referral, respite and emotional support.

Our range of Welfare services includes:

  • Providing individual and family support
  • Facilitating the Huntington's Disease Day Respite Program
  • Facilitating family support group meetings
  • Organising respite holidays
  • Providing information to families and health professionals

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Day Respite Centre
In recent years a Day Respite Service was established for persons affected by HD living in Brisbane and adjacent areas. This service benefits clients and carers alike.

The Day Respite Service operates at the HD Centre at Annerley with approximately 20 clients participating overall. Transport is provided for all clients attending the Centres.

The Day Respite program provides a range of activities, within the clients' capability, designed to enhance quality of life and maintain interpersonal, physical and manual skills for as long as possible. The daily program also includes therapies such as physical exercises and relaxation, intellectual stimulation, a nutritious meal, monitoring of the client's general health and outings such as indoor bowling.

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Family Support Groups
Family Support Groups have been established throughout Queensland. Regular informal family meetings are held where interesting and informative topics, ideas and experiences are discussed. Guest speakers may be invited or general discussions are held on topics related to HD. For information about meeting times and places, please contact the HD Centre on telephone (07)3391 8833.

Respite Holidays
Staff and volunteers facilitate short Respite Holidays for HD affected persons, offering a welcome change of routine and activity and also providing their carers with respite. Held throughout the year, these respite holidays are an extremely positive experience for both helpers and clients.

The Newsletter is circulated regularly to more than 550 families, health professionals and caring facilities.
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